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How to buy ski goggles suitable for beginners


Here are some tips for choosing ski goggles suitable for beginners:

  1. Choose goggles with spherical lenses that have less curvature. Beginners are not yet used to highly curved goggles, and spherical lenses with less curvature provide good peripheral vision without causing visual fatigue.

  2. Pick lens colors that are slightly darker. Darker colored lenses provide enough sun protection without irritating the eyes of beginners who are not yet accustomed to them. Light brown, red mirrored lenses also work well.

  3. Pay attention to windproof and anti-fog features. Beginners are prone to get teary eyes and redness from the wind, so quality goggles should have windproof ventilation. Anti-fog coating helps maintain clarity of vision.

  4. Go for medium frame size. Small frames tend to be inadequate in coverage while oversized ones are heavier. Medium size provides good eye coverage without being bulky.

  5. Consider interchangeable lenses. This allows switching lenses for different light conditions on the slopes without needing multiple goggles.

  6. Get a goggle with an adjustable strap. Beginners need to fine-tune the fit for comfort. A strap that is adjustable and has a silicone bead to prevent slipping allows customizing the fit.

  7. Try on in-store before buying. Testing the goggles for fit, comfort and lens color is important before making a purchase decision.

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