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I received the wrong/defect product, what can I do?

We are so sorry for that. Please provide the order number, product pictures and send them to Our customer service will check it and reply your email ASAP.

How can I return the product?
Please contact us via and state the following information:
1. Order Number
2. Reason for Return
a. Didn't suit me
b. Wrong / Defect Product (Please include pictures)
c. Not what I was expecting
d. Other Reasons
3. Our customer serive team will advice you the rest steps.



1. How to take care of the ski goggles?

  • Please DO keep the ski goggle in the pouch or box when not using it.
  • Please DO air-dry the ski goggles after every snow sport e.g. skiing, snowboarding and etc.
  • Please DO adjust the strap and keep the snowboard goggles tight on your head before hit the slope.
  • Please DO check if the snow goggles fit your helmet properly and stay in place with no gaps on the top frame.
  • Please DO reverse the fiber bag to wipe and clear the outer lens.
  • Please DO NOT touch, wipe and clean the lens with tough items to avoid scratches.
  • Please DO NOT use mascara or other oily substance in case the lens gets dirty.
  • Please DO NOT wipe the inner lens which will invalidate anti-fog function.
  • Please DO NOT leave gaps if you need to wear mask or balaclava as it will cause serious fogging.
2. How to Prevent Ski Goggles from Fogging?
  • Keep moving! The airflow you get from skiing keeps fog from forming.
  • Keep your ski goggles cool, just lift them off your face slightly and let some air in.
  • Don't wipe the lens with your glove, as the glove is abrasive and can scratch the lens.
  • Check the vents for snow and moisture. If yes, you need to get rid of them ASAP.
  • Try using a ski helmet with a visor and make sure you have a little space between it and the top of your ski goggles so you aren’t blocking the vents.
  • Avoid putting the ski goggles on your forehead.
  • Leave the ski goggles to air dry naturally whenever possible.
  • Leave a small separation between your ski goggles and balaclava, leaving your nose slightly exposed.
  • Make sure your ski mask has ventilation.
  • Do not overdress. Having too many layers will make you overheat. And the warmer your face is, the bigger is the risk of fogged up ski goggles.



1. How to keep your goggles in good condition?

  • Rinse goggles after each use. Give your goggles a good rinse in tap water to get rid of debris and chlorine residue.
  • Don't leave goggles in the sun. This can degrade the plastic and cause premature wear.
  • Dry goggles before packing them away. Storing moist goggles could promote mold growth.
  • Don't store goggles loose in your bag. The lenses may get scratched or warped.
  • Don't rub the lenses with your fingers. Keep your fingers away from the lenses as much as possible to prevent scratches and help the anti-fog coating last longer. Excess rubbing could cause the coating to come off.

2. How to Prevent Fogging When Swimming?

  • Activate the anti-fogging coating of inside lens by soaking the swim goggles in the water before swimming.
  • Wet your face and cool around your eyes.
  • Spit and lick the inside lens like the athletes do.
  • Make sure the swimming goggles fit tightly on your face and there is no gap when swimming.
  • Take a small drop of mild shampoo and gently rub it across the inner lens and rinse them in cool water for one to two minutes.
  • Use anti-fog spray. Put them on inside lens.
  • Never to use your fingers or towel to wipe off the inside of the lenses.

3. How to prevent leakage?

  • Make sure swim goggles sit on your nose bridge and around eyes comfortably and the sealing is perfect.
  • You may adjust the strap and feel a slight pressure from the swim goggles to your skin.
  • Wear swim goggles beneath your swim cap will keep them more firmly in place against your head.
  • If it doesn't work, you may need to find another swim goggles that fit you better.
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