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How to test the wind and fog protection effect of ski goggles

Here are some tips to test the windproof and anti-fog properties of ski goggles:

Testing Windproofing:

  • Wear the goggles and stand in front of a fan or wind source. See if you can feel the wind on your eyes. Properly windproof goggles should block wind from entering.

  • Move your head from side to side facing the wind. There should be no airflow inside the goggles. Leaking air indicates inadequate windproofing.

  • Goggles with ventilation shafts may allow some wind to enter but should significantly reduce wind pressure on the eyes.

Testing Anti-Fog:

  • Breathe heavily onto the inside of the lens to simulate fogging. The anti-fog coating should prevent droplets from forming and quickly dissipate any haze.

  • For a more rigorous test, fill a sink with hot water. Hold the goggles over the steam for 30 seconds. A properly anti-fog treated lens should stay relatively clear of fogging.

  • Take the goggles from room temperature into a cold setting like a freezer. Fog and condensation should not form on the lenses after the temperature change.

  • Wear the goggles during exercise or high exertion. Lenses should not fog up with sweat and heat.

Also examine the foam padding around the eyes. Dense, layered foam prevents air leakage that can contribute to fogging. Getting goggles with replaceable foam helps maintain anti-fog performance.

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