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ZIONOR® T1 Swimming Traning Snorkel Comfortable Mouthpiece One-Way Purge Valve

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  • Swim Training Snorkels - The swimming snorkel with spout allows smooth airflow and provides a healthy amount of oxygen while lap swimming, triathlon and maximizing speed by 30%.
  • Comfortable and Firm Pad - Engineered thickened head-pad sits firmly on head delivers comfort and eliminates movement when flip turns and all four strokes.
  • Optimized Mouthpiece - Durable food-grade and odorless material, fits perfect in mouth and keep the snorkel in place, one-way purge help to drain the water entirely during exhale.
  • Fast-swim Oriented - It has a sleek hydrodynamic design that allows swimmers to swim effortlessly with minimal water resistance.
  • Center Mount Design - Front mount features snorkel ensures smooth arm rotation and maintains body alignment and improves stroke efficiency.
  • Silicone Mouthpiece

    PU Tube

    PC+Silicone Valve

    For any questions, please contact and we provide your more detailed information.

    1. It's important to give the snorkel a rinse with clean, fresh water after each swim.

    2. If it's used regularly, then about once a month submerge the snorkel in hot soapy water with a few drops of bleach, and then rinse with fresh water.
    3. The purge valve needs to be clear of debris to do its job efficiently.

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